About us

Saec Analytics is an Analytic Tool Suite developed by SaecData.

SaecData is an IT company located in Vigo, with more than 30 years of experience. Throughout our history we have established in various business and industrial sectors developing software for our customers.

To get data in time is important for our custumers. As a result, our R&D team has developed Saec Analytics, a visual analytic tool to help you manage your company.

Saec Analytics, who make it possible?

Pablo Martínez

Telecommunication Engineer
Since 2007 he is part of SaecData as director of R&D. Throughout these years he has coordinated projects of various technological nature: machine vision, data processing, multispectral analysis, GIS positioning, and so on.

Belén Pedrero

Development Engineer
Telecommunication Engineer
She joined the team in 2014 to implement new features on the platform Saec Analytics. Currently she manages the changes and improvements in future releases.


Bruno Besteiro

Development Engineer
IT Technical Engineer
He joined the team in 2012. Over the years he has collaborated in the development of several projects within R&D. Currently he provides technical suppport on Saec Analytics.