Saec Analytics

View and analyze your data clearly and easily

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Why Saec Analytics?



Do you have data in Excel?, MySQL?, SQL Server?, Oracle ? … Don’t worry!, we have connectors to access them noninvasively, guaranteeing their privacy and protecting the confidentiality.



You will have a powerful Web tool that lets you create and display, immediately, your relevant business indicators.



Does your business change?, do you need to analyze new information? Our tool quickly adapts to your needs, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters: the continuous improvement of your business.


Attractive design

Customize your information! Create dashboards combining multiple visual components such as tables, charts and word clouds.



Organize your data. Make the analytic process simpler and faster. Streamline the most relevant searches at all times. Get the latest information. Improve your ability to react to unexpected events.



Due to our powerful software engine you could process and store In-Memory big data ensuring fast access to information. This improves the user experience by allowing fluid navigation through the information.



Create your dashboards with our tool and interact with them. The information is dynamic and changes according your selections. Search, compare and analyze your information.
We make it easy!



You can know at any time the status of your business and deviations from expected. We facilitate decision-making power to anticipate the difficulties.



Extract all the hidden information in the data and react in time to any business objectives deviation. Improve the management of resources and adjust your business strategy dynamically.

View and analyze your information clearly and easily

Build your own dashboards quickly and flexibly.
Saec Analytics is an analytic tool that lets you focus on your business, as well as increases the available time to analyze data.



Can I try it for free?

Of course!, contact us and we’ll provide you a temporal account to test it for free with your own business data.

Are prices affordable to any company?

Yes! We have a progressive pricing plan. We are sure this pricing plan adapts to your needs. If not, contact us for a custom pricing quote.

Are technical knowledge required ?

If you want to create your own dashboards you must have minimal technical knowledge. We can help you to create them.
Technical knowledge is no required to visualize and analyze the information. It’s very easy, only surf on your data and make click on dashboard’s elements.

Where is Saec Analytics installed?

Do you have your own servers? You can install Saec Analytics on them.
If you choose the Cloud version, you only need a browser and Internet access. This option has resources according the pricing plan you choose.

Where are my data?

If you have your own servers all data will be on their RAM.
If you use the Cloud modality, all data will be on RAM of the server assigned to you.

What about technical support?

The pricing plan includes technical support to help you to create your dashboards and resolve all questions. Furthermore, you will always have the latest software version.