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In this section we explain how to create components with SaecAnalytics

Database connection

The scripts creation wizard helps in the generation of scripts to obtain data from a database or from an Excel file.

Loading data

Executing a script allows to obtain and process the data of the associated database or Excel file.

Creating Calendars

Calendars are components composed of text boxes where you can enter one or two dates, using a drop-down calendar. Calendars filter the rest of the components according to the defined time range.

Creating Formulas

Formulas represent graphically the result of a numerical calculation. They show global information.

Creating Lists

Lists are tabular components, composed of a single column, where the elements of the selected field are displayed.

Creating Tables

Tables are matrix components for data representation. They consist of several columns, which show information relative to the selected fields.

Creating Word Clouds

Word Clouds are components that show a set of words, taken from one of the fields of the database.

Creating Charts

Charts are components where the selected data are represented using graphical resources (lines, bars, colors …) to highlight the statistical correlations between data.

Creating Maps

Maps represent a set of points on a geographical area, whose location corresponds to the coordinates stored in a field extracted from the database.

Organize the interface

The components can be relocated by changing their position and size. It is also possible to organize them in different tabs.